Newspaper Blasts Gold Sox Over Ballpark Dispute

Marysville Gold Sox LogoIn an editorial, the Appeal-Democrat blasts away at the Marysville Gold Sox (Independent, Summer Collegiate) because the team is pushing back against the city’s request for an increase in its annual payment to use Colusa Casino Stadium.  We think the newspaper is out of its mind claiming the city is “subsidizing a private business,” when the team is already paying a whopping $40,000 a year to use a horribly out-of-date, erector-set ballpark.  It sounds like it’s city is looking for a subsidy.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Newspaper Blasts Gold Sox Over Ballpark Dispute

  1. Am I wrong in remembering that the Appeal-Democrat was the naming rights holder for the ballpark in Marysville for a while? Wonder if there’s some bad blood there that’s influencing the editorial.

  2. ballparkbiz

    By comparison, I recall the former Edinburg Roadrunners used to pay $50,0000 a year to use Edinburg Stadium, which is modern and actually has suites:

  3. ballparkbiz

    Here are a few more photos of this premium ballpark:

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