New Southwest League to Begin Play in 2018

Southwest League LogoMark Schuster of Ventura Sports Group has announced the launch of the Southwest League of Professional Baseball, a six-team circuit based in Texas that will begin play in 2018.  Schuster claims teams will play in underserved markets in new state-of-the-art multi-use stadiums with seating capacity between 2000-4000 fans.  Read press release here.


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4 responses to “New Southwest League to Begin Play in 2018

  1. tenaciouspuma

    Well said Jason..these things just seem to be fly by night with no business plans, marketing studies, etc. Hey, I have an idea, let’s start a baseball league! Seems to be the prevailing thought

  2. Rf9

    Why 2018 n new parks ?

  3. Jason

    Here is an novel idea. How about attracting 6-8 high profile billionaires to build 3,000-4,000 seat modest ballparks with private investors in order to create a league. Could that work?

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