European Players to Participate in NWL in 2016

Northwoods League Logo wo WordmarkPRESS RELEASE – Before the 2015 NWL season the Northwoods League and Collegiate Baseball League Europe (CBLE) entered into an agreement that would allow the top players from the CBLE to participate the following season in the Northwoods League. Following a successful first year of the agreement four players have been selected to play in the Northwoods League for the 2016 season.

Northwoods League Add CBLE PlayersAfter the annual NWL Winter Meetings a draft was held to determine the four teams in the league that would host these players.

“The Northwoods League is pleased to provide a great experience for both fans and players in so many ways, and this alliance with the CBLE provides a particularly unique aspect as fans can see international talent while those players get the full flavor of Northwoods League baseball in our terrific team communities,” said Northwoods League President, Gary Hoover.

The four teams and their selections are listed below along with each player’s country, position, CBLE team and a link to their 2015 CBLE stats.

1. Eau Claire Express – Jemuel Angela (Netherlands) 1B/OF, Praha Dragons

2015 CBLE Stats
2. Battle Creek Bombers – Justin van Berkel (Netherlands) RHP, Vienna Emperors

2015 CBLE Stats
3. Rockford Baseball – Marijn van Berkel (Netherlands) SS/2B, Vienna Emperors

2015 CBLE Stats
4. Duluth Huskies – Bart In den Kleef (Netherlands) C/1B, Amsterdam Bombers

2015 CBLE Stats
“CBLE is very pleased with the extension of its partnership with the Northwoods League,” said CBLE Founder and General Manager Jan Maarten Kops. “It offers a great opportunity for our European players to play with the best College players in the World and learn about baseball and the way of living in the US.”

The CBLE is a wood bat summer league based in Oosterhout, Netherlands. The league currently consists of six teams: La Rochelle Admirals, Amsterdam Bombers, London Cavaliers, Praha Dragons, Vienna Emperors and the Sant Boi Falcons of Barcelona. Each year the coaching staffs draft their team rosters from the list of registered players in March.

Players typically play their regular season with college teams in the United States or play for club teams in elite leagues across Europe.

Like other Summer Collegiate Baseball leagues, Collegiate Baseball League Europe is dedicated and designed to provide high level competition for 18-23 year old players that wish to continue on into professional baseball. The CBLE operates in a similar manner to a Minor League team: playing daily in stadiums before fans, using wood bats and minor league specification equipment, and experiencing road trips between games. Like all other summer collegiate players, they are unpaid and live with host families or other accommodations in the same manner as Single A and Independent League players. While serving as a crucial player development tool, Collegiate Baseball League Europe provides new opportunities for young players from around the world to play Summer Collegiate Baseball in the “Old World”. More information on the CBLE can be found at


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2 responses to “European Players to Participate in NWL in 2016

  1. Anonymous

    Jan Maarten Kops is a THEIF!!! Went to Europe to coach one of his teams in the CBLE, he steals my radar gun and sends me home to Canada after 2 days at my own expense even though I was qualified to coach in his 2 week traveling road show having 5 years of collegiate summer ball coaching experience.

    Not to worry Karma will get him one day!!!

  2. You ain’t much, if you ain’t Dutch. ;-)

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