Jackson (MI) Fairgrounds Targeted for New Frontier League Ballpark

Frontier League logoThe ongoing project to bring an independent professional Frontier League baseball team to Jackson (MI) is moving forward with the fairgrounds as the potential location for the team’s stadium.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Jackson (MI) Fairgrounds Targeted for New Frontier League Ballpark

  1. The Prophet

    Does anyone know if there’s a potential team owner/operator for this concept? If so, would it be an expansion team or relocation of an existing team?

    • righthook

      The way they were talking a year ago, it would be an expansion team that would have a majority owner and they would then sell shares for the remaining ownership portion so it would be partially community-owned. Not sure if that is still the concept they are pushing.

      • The Prophet

        Thanks for this information. Just my opinion, but if an ownership group is going to pay upwards of $1MM to get a Frontier League team up and going I would think they would want a better stadium than some refurbished fairgrounds grandstands with a ball diamond where the horse track used to be. Maybe the Mud Hens did this for 35 years, but where do they play now?

  2. Rf9

    Put some seats in the south end of the track n put down a diamond . Think it won’t work the mud hens did it for 35 yrs

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