Lafayette Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

Prospect League LogoMilwaukee-based MKE Sports and Entertainment has released the five finalists for new summer collegiate Prospect League franchise in Lafayette (IN). The names include: Generals, Legends, Ax Men, Lightning, and Aviators. Read more here.  Fans can vote here for their favorite team name.  Thanks to Mark Tobin for the heads up.



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9 responses to “Lafayette Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

  1. The Prophet

    I don’t want to steal anyone’s THUNDER, but I’m pretty sure I know the name…

  2. William

    Quentin, I couldn’t agree more. A great logo and uniform design set can really boost a mediocre team name.

  3. Quentin Laramie

    I agree that these names are not among the best that I have seen. Hopefully, there will be a great logo and team jerseys that will be well liked by the fans of the city.

  4. Been Around

    Normally these contests throw out a couple horrible names to drive people to the name they have already decided on, ordered merchandise for and copyrighted.

    • The Prophet

      Well, in this case do you think they’ve done that? If so, which ones are the horrible ones, and which one might be the predetermined winner? The names they’ve submitted all seem like they come from the same pile of mediocre, at best.

  5. Jason

    Bashers-that’s a great name and one that connects well with the area. Perhaps we can Get a write in vote for that name!

  6. William

    I’m not familiar with the area or a follower of the Prospect League, but I really enjoy name-the-team contest and logo reveals for any level of baseball. I’m a big fan of alliterations, so I’d vote for the Lafayette Lightning. I like the General too, but The Texas Collegiate League have the Victoria Generals. The Legends already exist in the MiLB and the Rockford Aviators are (were?) members of the Frontier League. The Ax Men reminds me of the History channel show.

    After doing a little research on Lafayette, IN I’d name the team the Bashers after the Wabash River.

    May the best name win.

  7. Mark

    Agreed. Terrible choices.

  8. Xavier DuBois

    Oof! These names are hideous. Legends? Aviators? Generals? These names are already in use throughout the minor league landscape here in the United States, why rehash them for the new team? Leopards would have been nice to see make a comeback, but perhaps I will go with Ax Men. Bollocks.

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