Surge to Return in 2016?

Old Orchard Beach SurgeThe North Country Baseball League has folded after one season, but the Old Orchard Beach Surge might be back next summer.  Alex Markakis, the general manager of the Surge, said an announcement is expected in the next few weeks. Read more here.


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7 responses to “Surge to Return in 2016?

  1. eastfirst107

    Old Orchard Beach has already failed in both the NECBL and the Futures League (as well as indy ball and affiliated ball.)
    Doesn’t mean someone won’t ignore all of the obvious signs and plop some other godforsaken team in there again, though.

    • tenaciouspuma

      Well said Eastman. I did some research, it is a market that won’t work. It seems that’s what the indy league that tried to go in there tried to do. Take old markets that happened to have a park and swindle them into thinking this business model would work.

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