Start-Up USPBL Unveils Team Names, Logos

United Shore Professional Baseball LeagueThe names and logos have been unveiled for the three teams that will take up residence at $12-million Jimmy John’s Field being built in Utica (MI) by Rochester-based General Sports and Entertainment.  The United Shore Baseball League’s Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers, Eastside Diamond Hoppers and Utica Unicorns will begin play in 2016.  Read more and view photo here.  Watch unveiling here.

Team logos unveiled, United Shore Professional Baseball League Facebook photo

Team logos unveiled, United Shore Professional Baseball League Facebook photo


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6 responses to “Start-Up USPBL Unveils Team Names, Logos

  1. Big dummie

    Those are stupid names

  2. Rf9

    I’d say a 4th team n a 2nd park is on the horizon

  3. Steve

    Holy cow…a start up league that actually paid someone to design their logos!

  4. jason

    You need to have six teams, a three team league seems very small. I wish the league well, could be a great ballpark to see a game next summer.

  5. The Prophet

    I’ll be interested to see what their schedule looks like. I suppose each team will play four games a week with the stadium hosting a single game six nights a week. It will certainly save on travel expenses, which could then be put back into fan amenities. Will fans get tired of seeing the same team play the same team night after night? It’s an interesting concept. I’ll say it lasts no more than two seasons with this kind of team/league configuration.

    I do think it’s a model that’s close to being workable; it needs one little tweak however.

    • Bart

      If it does well, I could see the Frontier League putting a team there. Let the new league have their growing pains and then the FL could swoop in and add them to their “real” league.

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