Summer Collegiate Ball Returns to McBride Stadium

RJ-PrimaryThe Richmond RiverRats (Summer Collegiate, Prospect League) announced in October that they were pulling out of McBride Stadium in Richmond (IN), but it didn’t take long to fill the void.  The new Richmond Jazz (Summer Collegiate, Great Lakes League) will be taking their place.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Summer Collegiate Ball Returns to McBride Stadium

  1. Jason

    Good to hear that baseball will continue at McBride this summer. I was not aware that the River Rats had left, and I will be sad not see them play Kokomo, Terre Haute, and the new Lafayette club in the Prospect League. However, the city is closer to many Ohio cities. It would be exciting to see how the competition will be next year.

  2. Ol' Pete

    Lots of franchise movement in that league, it seems.

  3. Rf9

    They were sold to a group that moved them to lisle il I believe

  4. Mark

    First I’ve heard about Richmond leaving the PL. There’s nothing on the PL’s website about them leaving, although their logo no longer appears.

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