GWL’s Sacramento Franchise Announces Name, Unveils Logo

rsz_sacramento_stealthPRESS RELEASE – The long-awaited nickname of the Sacramento entry in the Great West League has made a dramatic landing. The team will be known as the Stealth.

“We considered a number of very appropriate names, but felt Stealth really fit the Sacramento area,” said Leon Lee, who leads the team’s ownership group. “We have a lot going on as we move towards opening day and we couldn’t be more excited for our fans.”

rsz_sacramento_stealth The Stealth’s opening game is Friday, June 3 against the Lodi Crushers. Information on season tickets and corporate partnerships will be available soon.

Meanwhile, the team named ex-major leaguer Larry Wolfe the club’s first manager. Wolfe played for the Minnesota Twins in 1977 and 1978, before moving on to play for the Boston Red Sox in 1979 and 1980. He played the 1982 season in Japan with the Kintetsu Buffaloes before retiring.

“This is an exciting time for baseball in Sacramento,” said Wolfe. “I’m honored to be able to work with talented players aspiring to play in the Major Leagues, and its fun to be part of bringing exciting baseball and affordable family entertainment in an intimate setting to town.”

Wolfe was drafted by the Twins in the 9th Round of the 1973 Amateur Draft out of Sacramento City College. The 62-year-old hit seven home runs in the big leagues, twice hitting two home runs in a single game.

Wolfe coached baseball for ten years at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks, California.


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10 responses to “GWL’s Sacramento Franchise Announces Name, Unveils Logo

  1. Dan Rivinius

    I don’t like the name or logo. We already have a team in SARAMENTO that has that color!Should be able to put something together better then what we ended up with.

  2. AZdev

    I’m kind of interested in where this team plans to play it’s games. I don’t think they have addressed that yet. Community College??

  3. texas10

    As a new organization, the one place you do not want to cut corners is your logo. An organization’s entire identity is its logo. I continue to be amazed that some new ownership groups don’t understand that basic fundamental. You have to live with it for years. Why not commit the time and funds to make it something that is truly special and marketable?

  4. William Johnson

    I imagine there are a lot of good young designers that would love to get there hands on a branding campaign like this one, a ground up building experience. I understand at this level of ball and in an inaugural season, there isn’t much money to throw around, especially towards logos design, but logo designs are a huge part of getting your community to support your team.

  5. Xavier DuBois

    Wow, where does one begin with this logo! There are two different fonts, crimson red outlining, and the clip art stealth plane. I enjoy basic, simple looking baseball logos, but this takes it down a few notches.

  6. Steve

    Yes, horrible. It seems that most of their new teams are taking this approach. The Portland Pickles logo is horrendous, as is the Lodi Crushers. Looks like they all went with the cheapest option possible.

  7. ballparkbiz

    You know, I like the moves the start-up GWL is making, but this Stealth logo is horribly amateur. I hope it is only temporary while a professional one is being designed.


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