Lisle (IL) Joins Prospect League, Jammers Out?

Prospect League LogoLisle Baseball Partners, LLC announced Thursday that the Prospect League (Summer Collegiate) is coming to Benedictine University Sports Complex in the Village of Lisle (IL) in 2016.  Read more here.  Meanwhile, one of our readers noticed that the Jamestown Jammers logo no longer appears on the Prospect League website.  Thanks to Mark Tobin for the heads up.

Prospect League Header with Teams


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13 responses to “Lisle (IL) Joins Prospect League, Jammers Out?

  1. Rf9

    Didn’t the pl flop before in du page co il as for fl expansion IMO you can stick a fork in that chicken

  2. Ol' Pete

    Washington to the Prospect in ’17?

  3. Jasonjamez

    It looks like Xavier was correct, Jamestown is now in the PGCBL. I know that Butler might’ve been 110 miles away, but now the Jammers are within a few hundred miles of more than just one team. There is no way that a team to be successful having to travel from upstate New York all the way to the Mississippi River.

  4. eastfirst107

    Didn’t take long to answer that question:

  5. Xavier DuBois

    Jamestown in the PGCBL would be a perfect fit for the team. The location was quite far from the majority of the Mid-west teams. I hope the Jammers are indeed switching leagues for 2016.

    • eastfirst107

      Jamestown’s not really the greatest geographical fit for the PGCBL, either – while on average their opponents are closer than in the Prospect League, the nearest other clubs, Elmira and Victor, are still 150 miles away.

      At least Butler in the Prospect League was less than that – about 110 miles.

      • ballparkbiz

        Beats driving to Kokomo, I guess. I feel bad for Butler. They finally had a travel partner (sort of).


  6. frick35

    I didn’t understand why Jamestown didn’t move to the NYCBL or PGCBL in the first place.

  7. ballparkbiz

    It looks like Zimmerman has traded in Jamestown for Lafayette. I wonder if he is ditching Jamestown or trying to move it into the PGCBL or NYCBL with a more economical footprint?


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