Land Donated for Parkersburg Ballpark

Frontier League logoA developer has donated 10 acres for a proposed minor league baseball stadium in Parkersburg (WV) for a Frontier League (Indy Pro) franchise.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Land Donated for Parkersburg Ballpark

  1. righthook

    They have been trying to get a Frontier League team for a while. There is something in the contract that either the city or developer signed with the Washington franchise owner that gives him the opportunity to place a team there – expansion or otherwise. Since the Washington team has been having some attendance struggles, the thought is that he may end up moving the Washington team there. Seems like the area would have a hard time supporting a professional team though, population and economics wise.

  2. Rf9

    Where is the $$$ for a park or why not join a summer collegiate league with an existing park

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