Ohio Valley League Nabs Paducah, Brooks Stadium

Ohio Valley League LogoThe Brooks Stadium Commission in Paducah (KY) has signed a contract to join the Ohio Valley League (Summer Collegiate) for the 2016 season as the Paducah Chiefs.  The team will play at historic Brooks Stadium.  Read more here.  Go to Brooks Stadium website here.


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4 responses to “Ohio Valley League Nabs Paducah, Brooks Stadium

  1. The Prophet

    This is great news for the Ohio Valley League. They now have two top notch stadiums in the league, with League Stadium in Huntingburg, IN being the other one. I hope the new ownership group can do a good job filling the stands and not just focus on putting a competitive team on the field.

  2. Rf9

    Summer collegiate ball IMO is really hurting the growth of Indy ball n I wonder if the park standards aren’t the difference along of course the budget

  3. eastfirst107

    As far as Paducah not getting a team in a (legit) indy league, it probably had as much, if not more, to do with the area’s size than the ballpark itself…the county’s population is only 65,000.

  4. righthook

    That’s good to see. I remember coming across that ballpark recently while perusing the Ballpark Reviews site. Seemed like a really nice ballpark but with no way to get a pro team – a park that was not really quite big or developed enough for the current indy leagues and too far out to be considered for the Appy League. Nice that they are getting a summer team there..

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