Suns’ Bragan honored by Southern League

Southern League LogoPRESS RELEASE – The Southern League of Professional Baseball Clubs names Peter Bragan, Jr., its Vice President Emeritus, effectively immediately. Known affectionately as “Pedro,” Bragan Jr. was most recently owner and operator of the Jacksonville Suns Baseball Club.

Peter Bragan envisions turning his baseball memorabilia-filled office into a local museum. (Benjamin Hill/

Peter Bragan envisions turning his baseball memorabilia-filled office into a local museum. (Benjamin Hill/

Before his retirement this fall, the nephew of former Southern League President Jimmy Bragan, Pedro served in the Jacksonville office over the last 31 years, first as Vice President and General Manager under his father and prior Suns owner Peter Bragan, Sr. Also the nephew of former major leaguer and Texas League President Bobby Bragan, Pedro began his tenure as Jacksonville Suns President preceding the 2006 campaign.

As part of one of the most respected families in baseball, Bragan was a vital member of the Southern League Board of Directors, while also serving on the League’s Rules and Competition Committee and Hall of Fame Committee. After celebrating his final season, dubbed “Pedro’s Last Dance,” over the 2015 campaign, Bragan and his wife Nancy will be enjoying well-deserved rest from the daily grinds of baseball.

“Pedro was bestowed with this honor as he not only met, but exceeded the criteria for this designation given to very few people over the years,” recognized President Lori Webb. “Our owners and directors felt this was an appropriate gesture based on Pedro’s long and storied career and association with the Southern League.”

“We could always count on Pedro for a funny story or joke, and he kept our meetings lively with his wit and wisdom,” continued Webb. “In all sincerity, Pedro has always had the greatest passion and respect for the game of baseball, really understands the game and insisted that the integrity of this great sport remain our focus. It was an easy decision to honor him with this distinction.”

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