Zimmerman to Pitch Ballpark Oct. 27

The Rock Sports ComplexMike Zimmerman is pursuing plans for an indoor sports complex and baseball stadium at The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin (WI) that would help spur up to $130 million in surrounding mixed-use development.  Read more here.  Because Zimmerman already operates two summer collegiate Prospect League franchises, and had an apparent falling out with the indy pro Frontier League, we assume the proposed ballpark would house a Prospect League team.


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4 responses to “Zimmerman to Pitch Ballpark Oct. 27

  1. Ol' Pete

    Guess he doesn’t have the heart to remind himself that AA has no interest in him. Is that market a good fit for the PL?

  2. ballparkbiz

    It looks like Zimmerman is targeting the American Association for a franchise for the proposed ballpark:


    • The Prophet

      A 3,100-seat capacity seems small for an American Association stadium. They would need to sell out every night in order to be the median in attendance. That don’t make no sense.

  3. Rf9

    Who is paying the bill

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