Pickles Unveil Branding, Mascot

Portland Pickles LogoPRESS RELEASE – The Portland Pickles are excited to introduce their team branding package, as they get ready for their inaugural 2016 season. The team’s primary colors are navy, green and gray, with the team mascot figuring prominently in the branding.

The Pickles are a member of the Great West League, a new summer collegiate wood-bat baseball league, featuring six teams in Oregon and California. The team will play 30-home games at renovated Walker Stadium, beginning with the team’s home opener Friday, June 10th.

Pickles Logos

                                                                     Pickles Logos

The team mascot, Dillon, is the greatest pickle in the world. Dillon is decked out in a Pickles uniform and is ready for life in the spotlight. He is lovable and has a great story of how he became part of the Pickles team. That story is available on the team website www.portlandpicklesbaseball.com and Dillon is available for appearances.

Dillon the Mascot

          Dillon the Mascot

The team’s primary logo features Dillon placed over a baseball. Dillon is also shown over a baseball on a badge logo that highlights “Portland Baseball.” The team will also use “Pickles” in script extensively, including over a baseball on a badge logo that again highlights “Portland Baseball”, reflecting the Pickles bringing baseball back to Portland.

The Pickles branding was produced by Prolific Sport Design Combine of St. Louis, Missouri. The Pickles are the fifth baseball client for Prolific Sport Design Combine, following the River City Rascals, Gateway Grizzlies, Cowlitz Black Bears and Klamath Falls Gems. The firm has also done product and logo designs for pro athletes, MLB, NHL and MLS.

The branding was designed around Dillon’s appeal to all ages, especially children. He’s simply a likable kind of pickle. The heavy use of the color navy represents the rivers of the area and strength, while green reflects the plush growth in Portland, and gray speaks for itself when the sun is not out.

Portland Pickles – The Pickles are all about FUN and will be presenting the best entertainment package in the Portland area. More than half of the tickets are $8 or less and the Pickles offer special discounts to groups and fund raising opportunities for organizations throughout the community. Fans can receive more information about the team by calling 503-775-3080, by visiting the team website www.portlandpicklesbaseball.com or visiting the team’s office at Walker Stadium.

Great West League – The Great West League is one of the premier summer collegiate wood-bat leagues in North America, providing a professional, minor league-like atmosphere for top college players seeking professional baseball careers, while providing affordable family entertainment and enriching the quality of life in its member communities.

Media Contact: Grant Wilson – 360-442-1037


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5 responses to “Pickles Unveil Branding, Mascot

  1. Oh no. This is unbelievably disappointing.

    • Steve

      It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is underwhelming. I reached out to one of the new teams in this league to see if they were in need of a designer to create a logo, and while the answer was “yes,” I also got the impression that they were hoping to spend as little as possible The conversation went something like this: “Create something and send it to us, and if we decide if we like it we’ll agree on a fee and pay you for it.” That’s not quite how someone who makes a living on design goes about their business, so I kindly passed.

      Unfortunately, in most design cases, you get what you pay for.

      • That stinks. I was hoping they would better understand how important the branding of this team would be, especially in Portland and especially with a joke name like Pickles. But this leads me to believe that they don’t really know what they are doing and this great idea – a boutique, neighborhood team – will not do as well as I hoped.

    • Steve

      Also, check out these two directions that this team could have gone:



      Portland isn’t the team that I reached out to about design, but I can only assume that they went with the lowest bidder.

      • I had seen the Brian Bednarski one before but not the Hovercraft one. Both would have been much better. You are right, you get what you pay for.

        One thing that leaves me scratching my head is that they haven’t posted these logos or the press release on their website, Facebook page or on Twitter. They did write something about Yogi Berra on social media today, but not a peep about their new logos.

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