MKE Sports Targeting Lafayette

Prospect League LogoCity of Lafayette (IN) officials are reportedly in talks with MKE Sports and Entertainment to bring a summer collegiate Prospect League franchise to Loeb Stadium as early as next summer.  Read more and watch news report hereRead about vote to sell beer at Loeb here.


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8 responses to “MKE Sports Targeting Lafayette

  1. Indy V

    The FL doesn’t have anything to do with a steep attendance decline. What didn’t work there for MKE?

  2. Jason

    My spidey senses tells me that a team will relocate to Lafayette.

  3. Indy V

    So is a current team folding, or does this give the league an even number of teams?

  4. so is this an expansion or current team n if its the prior where else does the pl go

  5. Jason Getz

    I was told over the summer to expect another team from either Bloomington or Lafayette. I am not sure how much work would need to be done at Loeb Stadium to make it ready for next spring, but MKE usually puts on a good show with their ballclubs.

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