Ballpark Visit ALERT: Joannes Stadium (Green Bay, WI)

Digital Ballparks LogoGreen Bay Bullfrogs Logo 2Eric and Wendy Pastore from recently visited Joannes Stadium, home of the Green Bay Bullfrogs (Summer Collegiate, Northwoods League).  Read more and view photo gallery here.


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2 responses to “Ballpark Visit ALERT: Joannes Stadium (Green Bay, WI)

  1. TheTruth

    There are currently no plans for a new ballpark. The rendering of a new ballpark and all efforts on that front were under the direction of the former owners Titletown Baseball Group. The current ownership Big Top Baseball stated they had no interest in a new facility when they purchased the team and took over the lease at Joannes from the city of Green Bay.

    • ballparkbiz

      Indeed, the rendering Pastore used on the last page (and the renderings I still have in my files) are from the Jeff Royle days from five or so years ago before the team was taken over/bought by the league and handed off/sold to Big Top in 2013. While it appears Pastore is stating outdated information, I have to believe that Steve Schmitt & Co. would love to see a public/private partnership for a new, more modest (than Titletown’s) ballpark or a renovation of Joannes when the time is ripe.


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