Northwoods League Headed to Rockford?

Northwoods League Logo wo WordmarkThe bank owner of the Rockford Aviators’ (Indy Pro, Frontier League) ballpark in Loves Park (IL) has reached an agreement with Rockford Baseball Properties led by Chad Bauer to have the group take over the lease as of October 1st.  Bauer, who is listed as assistant GM of the summer collegiate Northwoods League’s Lakeshore Chinooks and unsuccessfully tried to bring a NWL franchise to Waukesha (WI), believes Rockford would make a good addition to the circuit.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Northwoods League Headed to Rockford?

  1. Rf9

    If I’m that bank I’d be very motivated to move that park which could help an owner

  2. TheTruth

    Where’s Bauer getting his money from? He couldn’t meet his minority ownership obligations is Green Bay!

  3. Rf9

    That’s at least two

  4. Rf9

    Sounds like contraction time in rockford’s soon to be former league by a t least 2

    • Bart

      Since one of the Frontier League’s teams is a travel team, I’m sure they’ll just contract the Frontier Greys too. The league has been hesitant about jumping into another market until they know it’s actually viable.

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