Riversharks Relocating to New Britain?

Camden Riversharks LogoThe Camden Riversharks (Indy Pro, Atlantic League) have played at Camden’s (NJ) waterfront Campbell’s Field for 15 years, but the team could be relocating to New Britain (CT) and replaced with an affiliated club, according to sources familiar with the matter.  Read more here and here.


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8 responses to “Riversharks Relocating to New Britain?

  1. Jason Getz

    The concept would make sense-moving your short season Single-A team from Williamsport across the river in Camden would have the Phillies minor league teams within 70 miles of Citizens Bank Ballpark. Camden, Reading, Lehigh Valley, and Lakewood in two states sounds great!

  2. Well that will take away my family outing to a baseball event. I like the Riversharks and would always go straight to the source to express how the sharks needed a good season.

  3. Rf9

    A phials team in Camden makes sense n IMO Batavia will be the team to move

    • righthook

      Batavia will only move if a new owner buys them first because they are a community owned team. They have been on the market for a couple of years now though, so maybe there is a silent agreement with a potential owner dependent on a new location being found.

      • Actually Batavia has been owned by the Rochester Red Wings for the last 5 years or so. Don’t think that constitutes “community owned”. Now the Auburn franchise still is community owned.

      • righthook

        Batavia maintains the majority ownership of the franchise. Rochester is running the day to day of the franchise under an agreement where they receive an increasing percentage each year to a certain point, with controlling interest still being held by Batavia.

      • Yes, it is true that that Batavia is still technically community owned, but they have not been shy in the past about saying that the team is for sale. If the right buyer comes along, I’m sure they will sell.

  4. There is one Phillies farm that could move there: the NY Penn League team in Williamsport. (I cannot imagine the Phils would move Reading or Lakewood there or disaffiliate from them, as both of those teams expand the Phils brand in the area and are very successful to boot.)

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