San Angelo Colts Liquidated

San Angelo Colts LogoA liquidation sale of the San Angelo Colts (Indy Pro, United Baseball League) was recently held at Foster Field, pursuant to a court order because the ownership failed to satisfy the requirements of the their Chapter 11 reorganization plan.  Former GM Mike Babcock, who left the team in 2012 after his eight-year tenure at the helm, blamed central league ownership for the team’s demise and said, “We were making money, and in our worst years, we broke even.”  Read more here.


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2 responses to “San Angelo Colts Liquidated

  1. I’m glad to see that Angelo State will take over the ballpark and get it back into shape. The Colts were the class of the league when I worked for Rio Grande (with Mike Babcock) and a Texas Collegiate League team would work well there with the right ownership.

  2. ballparkbiz

    San Angelo deserved better than the destruction of their franchise. It would be great if someone would step up to the plate and put a Texas Collegiate League team there, as there’s really no other viable option right now.


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