Northwoods League Closing In on Bismarck (ND) Expansion

Northwoods League Logo wo WordmarkPRESS RELEASE – The Northwoods League has agreed to the terms offered by the Bismarck, ND Parks and Recreation District for an “Agreement for Use” allowing for League play beginning with the 2017 season at Bismarck Municipal Ballpark.

The ballpark Agreement is subject to the respective team or its affiliate completing a successful bid process for concessions operations at Municipal Stadium and approval of the Agreement by the Parks and Recreation District Board at a meeting anticipated on October 15, 2015.

“I don’t want to jump the gun, but the League is very excited after exhaustive negotiations with the Parks and Recreation District, culminating with the agreement of Randy Bina (Executive Director, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District) to recommend the Agreement for approval to the District Board at its October 15th meeting,” said Dick Radatz, Jr., President of the Northwoods League.


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2 responses to “Northwoods League Closing In on Bismarck (ND) Expansion

  1. Joe

    It’s hard to see a link between 1935 and 2017.

  2. Jason

    I just read the book Color Blind about the Bismarck team that won the amateur championship in Wichita that was integrated in 1935. There seem to have been a great baseball cuture in the town during the 30s and its owner was a fabulous promoter.

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