Emeralds Unveil Special Unis for ‘Portlandia Night’

Eugene Emeralds New Logo SquatchPRESS RELEASE – Grab your flannel, skinny jeans and a $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and join the Eugene Emeralds on Thursday, Aug. 27 for Portlandia Night at PK Park. The Chicago Cubs’ single-A affiliate will don special uniforms – “flannel” tops and “skinny jean” pants – inspired by the weirdest city and show in the nation in a game against Spokane.

Portlandia is a satirical sketch comedy television series on IFC which stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. The show embraces the eccentric and off-beat characters who call Portland home, and on Aug. 27, the Emeralds will as well.

Eugene Emeralds Portlandia Night“These are probably one of the best specialty uniforms we have done to date,” said Allan Benavides, General Manager for the Emeralds. “We like to push the envelope and be creative and these uniforms are another example of that. I’d like to thank Broadway Video and IFC for helping us with this project.”

Emeralds fans attending the game can bring home a piece of Portlandia by bidding in a silent auction for the game-worn jerseys during the game.

In addition to the unique uniforms, Portlandia will be celebrated in a couple other ways at the ballpark. Fans of the show know that everything can be pickled, and Ems fans will be able to get in on the pickling action during the game. The Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles will set up on the concourse and the family owned business will meet fans’ pickling needs and answer any pickling questions. Also, to pay homage to the Portland Kickball League, a kickball championship game will take place before the baseball game, so fans should come out early to cheer on the participants.

During the game, the Emeralds will feature the unique nonprofit Pro-Bone-O as the Kendall Community Spotlight. Pro-Bone-O (PBO) was founded to provide veterinary care for the companion animals of Lane County’s homeless population. Through their work, PBO meets people who, for a variety of reasons, could not afford veterinary care for the pets who bring them love and security. Over 25 area veterinarians donate their time and skills at their clinics that are run out of Community Veterinary Center.

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