Montreal Catches Baseball (Returning) Fever

Montreal Expos LogoAlong the back wall of a sleek new souvenir and magazine shop at Trudeau International Airport in Montreal (QC), there is an array of sports team products: jerseys, hats, coffee mugs and the like.  The logos on the merchandise were for only two teams, the NHL’s Canadiens, and the Expos, a baseball team that has not existed for more than a decade.  Read more here.


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9 responses to “Montreal Catches Baseball (Returning) Fever

  1. Provost Jean Robert

    Colbrunn had already left the Expos in 94. Randy Milligan played first.

  2. Indy V

    OF – Walker, Grissom, White?
    1B – ?
    2B – Grudzelanik
    SS – Cordero
    3B – Berry
    C – Fletcher

    • tenaciouspuma

      Not bad Indy, two outfielders are right. White isn’t quite an everyday guy yet, the manager had a pretty good son in LF at the time. Close at 2B, your a bit early with Grudzelanik. The other positions are spot on.

  3. Tenaciouspuma

    Lets go! This would make my day. Die hard lifer expos guy here. One zillion internet ballparkbiz dollars to anyone who can name montreal’s 1994 team everyday lineup by position

    • Provost Jean Robert

      C Fletcher
      1B Floyd
      2B Lansing
      3B Berry
      SS Cordero
      LF Alou
      CF Grissom
      RF Walker

      • ballparkbiz

        Okay, I want my “One zillion internet ballparkbiz dollars” cut!


      • tenaciouspuma

        Well done boys! With Floyd at first, the Expos also used a RHH Greg Colbrun as well from time to time. The rotation was:
        1. Ken Hill
        2. Jeff Fassero
        3. Pedro Martinez (not a bad number 3-4 guy)
        4. Butch Henry
        5. Kirk Reuter

        Pretty good bullpen, Mel Rojas and Jeff Shaw set it up for John Wetteland. The Spos essentially ended up losing Alou, Grissom, Walker, Hill, Wetteland and Martinez for Roberto Kelly, Carl Pavano and Tony Armas Jr. The end of the franchise right there. Alan, be on the look out for a bank transfer :)

      • Indy V

        How do I forget Moises Alou?

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