It’s the ‘Lodi Crushers’

Great West League Secondary LogoPRESS RELEASE – Wine Country Baseball in Lodi, California is happy to announce today the people have spoken and the Lodi Crushers will be the name of their entry for the 2016 season and beyond. The Crushers will be participating as a collegiate wooden bat baseball club and will play at Tony Zupo Field. The team has joined the Great West League and will begin play next June.

WCB would like to thank all the people who wrote in, called in and posted their choices on line and on our Facebook page in the name the team contest.

A website with team logo will be coming soon, along with the 2016 schedule and Season Ticket opportunities.


The Great West League is one of the premier summer collegiate wood bat leagues in North America, providing a professional, minor league-like atmosphere for top college players seeking professional baseball careers, while providing affordable family entertainment and enriching the quality of life in its member communities.


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6 responses to “It’s the ‘Lodi Crushers’

  1. I guess I need to freshen up on my blogging etiquette. It seems I should have created a screen name and leave my out details. That way I could go on multiple forums and at a time and post my criticism about other peoples work and not even care. I appreciate constructive criticism on work that I do as well as giving it on other peoples work…when asked. However, I always make sure I know as much about the product/design/history before lending my words.

    I took over one of the most storied non-professional ball clubs in California last fall…only to have the entire league fold a week and a half before opening week. As anyone who has ever run a baseball organization knows, most leagues handle a large portion of operations: Balls, Insurance/Liability, Schedules, Umpires, etc. So, when a league unexpectedly closes it’s doors 13 days before your first game…anything you are able to pull off to even resemble a season is nothing short of a miracle.

    Are all of the stats inputed in the website from our shortened 4 game summer? No, I’m afraid not. I found it difficult to do the book while I was also running the scoreboard, PA system, concession stand, social media accounts, stadium issues, and even umpiring behind the plate one game.

    Running a summer program with 1 person isn’t as easy as you might think, guy. But thanks again for your words of encouragement, Amigo.

  2. Alan, thanks for your reply. I spoke with Ken a few months ago.

  3. PALO ALTO, CA!!!!! I am the GM of the Palo Alto Oaks. The Oaks have been running since 1950. We have a gorgeous stadium that can seat up to 1200 with some extra seating ideas. I like the direction of this league and them wanting to be professional in every aspect. I try to take the same approach with our team. I designed new logos, uniforms, and a league site. This team/market/stadium would be the prize possession in this league.

    Look at this ballpark:!paoakscom-ballpark/cx3l

    Team website: – doesn’t get any more professional

    • Been Around

      Maybe get in touch with the league instead of leaving random posts here to hope they see you? I can’t imagine the league admins are hard to find.

    • eastfirst107

      – You haven’t updated scores or news items on your team’s site in a month.
      – Of the games you’ve played, you only list stats for three of them.

      Scores, news and stats are the most basic, fundamental things that a team web site should have – and you’re not even able to provide this reliably.

      Pretty sure it *does* get more professional, amigo.

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