NCBL Survives Season, Looks to Future

North Country Baseball LeagueThe first-year North County Baseball League wrapped up the season on Sunday, with the homeless Newburgh Newts capturing the NCBL title.  What’s next remains to be seen, but Cheeseburger Cheeseburger founder and league savior Bruce Zicari is cautiously optimistic about the circuit’s future.  Watch news report here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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8 responses to “NCBL Survives Season, Looks to Future

  1. IndyFan

    Well, it’s been 3 months since that article, so is there any development on whether this league will be around for 2016?

    • Rusty

      From their facebook page :
      NCBL UPDATE !!
      Here is the latest Buzz on the NCBL !!
      As most of you know, most Independent Professional leagues have been or are currently going through their off season meetings about the 2016 plans. There has been many discussions about the future of the NCBL and it’s current franchises.
      There was great interest in possibly joining forces or selling current NCBL franchises to one of the new established Leagues. But, there has also been meetings about the possibility of the NCBL turning in to the official minor league development league of the renowned Atlantic League. Nothing has been finalized in stone, it has only been discussion. However, with the league currently seeking new investors with the hope and plans of improving and expanding the league, if neither option is finalized the league will likely only take place if the new potential investors actually do join in to meet the Capital demands.
      The NCBL is looking to be a 6 Franchise (Team) league in 2016. Decisions about the league will be finalized no later than November!

      • tenaciouspuma

        Don’t believe what you read…one of their franchises approached one of the collegiate leagues in NY to join up with them…the dumpster fire looks to still be burning.

      • eastfirst107

        Most of this post is meaningless blather. The only real important part: “…the league will likely only take place if the new potential investors actually do join in to meet the Capital demands.”

        Translation: Mr. Cheeseburger has lost a ton of money propping up this turd of a league, and he sure as hell isn’t going to do it again next season. If someone else wants to put up their own cash and run the thing, great; if not, the NCBL is toast.

      • tenaciouspuma

        Well said East man…well said

  2. I’ll be surprised if they are back next season. Just too many collegiate summer leagues to compete with for ballparks in the northeast.

  3. tenaciouspuma

    That wasn’t the most positive endorsement for a season next year..poor guy. Trying to do a league with four teams and nothing to sell a municipality on. That’s a lot of cheeburgers to spend!

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