Baby Bombers Surprised by ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Controversary

Staten Island Yankees LogoThe Staten Island Yankees (Single-A, New York-Penn League) were surprised by the controversy surrounding a “Blue Lives Matter Day” held at its ballpark Sunday, according to a team official.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Baby Bombers Surprised by ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Controversary

  1. Jason Getz

    I commend the SI Yanks for honoring policemen who have been slain in the line of duty, but if they stood away from using the “_____ Lives Matter” slogan, we might not be talking about it at this moment. It is definitely a sensitive issue, and I see both sides. However, you cannot categorize it in a nice neat package and expect to sell baseball tickets.

  2. Fred

    The only “people” who would have a problem with the SI Yanks event would be criminals and or criminal sympathizers. I CAN BREATHE! Thanks to the NYPD and because I don’t break the law.

    • Differing opinions should be respected, Fred. Your views are what they are, but that doesn’t lessen the humanity of your opponents or make their perspective not even worth considering.

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