Maine Vacation

Alan Poff Skunk BeardThings have been a little extra slow here, as your webmaster is on vacation on the coast of Maine with no Internet access and limited cell service.  Thank goodness for the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot and one bar of service!  We’ll be back up to full speed next Tuesday.  Thanks for your patience.





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5 responses to “Maine Vacation

  1. TD

    Is that Pemaqud Point????

    • ballparkbiz


      No. It’s at the end of the Schoodic Peninsula not far from Winter Harbor on the very quiet side of Acadia NP. We did visit Pemaquid too! On the way back folks. Sitting at Logan Airport listening to a passenger with a baby battle it out with Southwest personnel because her husband was kicked off the plane for dropping the “f” bomb during some dispute. I love Boston!


  2. Nice view…relax and enjoy…

  3. Take a break. Unplug. Let go of the one bar. Maine is beautiful.

  4. David Desharais

    Bonne vacances.

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