Ozarks Pro Baseball Begins Play

Ozarks Pro BaseballThe Ozarks Pro Baseball league is off and running with six teams, although there isn’t much news about it.  At this point, the new circuit is not playing out of Price Cutter Park in Ozark (MO).  You can follow the league on their Facebook page here.

Ozarks Pro Baseball Teams


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7 responses to “Ozarks Pro Baseball Begins Play

  1. righthook

    And it looks like the league is finally dead. All players sent home.

  2. Indy V

    Wait for it… wait for it…

    • ballparkbiz

      Yep, not looking good from the posts on Facebook:



      • ballparkbiz

        $8 for admission or $10 with admission and concessions is too high for a fan experience at a high school field. I don’t know who came up with this model, but it must have been someone who has no clue about the business of baseball and what drives consumer value. From Ozarks Pro Baseball via Facebook on 7/19/15:

        Today’s game at Lion Field (across from the highschool) in West Plains starts at 1. Last night’s game was action packed great baseball! $10 gets you in with a soda and choice of concession. Or $8 without concession. If you love baseball and want to watch Pro games in West Plains come on out to show your support.



  3. righthook

    Kind of hard to build a fanbase when you have all six teams as travel teams and the league can’t even be bothered to post a schedule so people who might be interested would know when/where they are playing.

  4. Trent

    League is crumbling as I type.

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