Frontier League Bylaws Force MKE Sports Out of Aviators Camp

Rockford Aviators Primary LogoFor those who didn’t hear this earlier, MKE Sports & Entertainment was forced to terminate its managed service contract with the Rockford Aviators (Indy Pro, Frontier League), after Frontier League Commissioner Bill Lee ruled that the contract violated the league bylaws because the owner of MKE, Michael Zimmerman, owns two teams in the summer collegiate Prospect League.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Frontier League Bylaws Force MKE Sports Out of Aviators Camp

  1. righthook

    It seems the commissioner would have noticed before now that this contract violated their league rules. I wonder if there is more to this. The Rockford franchise is having a hard time getting any fans to the games – according to pointstreak only 644 fans a game. Mike Zimmerman was the same guy that was trying to get a Frontier League team up in Wisconsin but couldn’t get a deal with the town and instead took a managerial contract to run the Rockford franchise. Plus, if I remember correctly, part of the deal between Parkersburg WV and the Washington franchise owner on their ballpark deal was a promise of a team to Parkersburg WV. Maybe the FL is trying to force the Rockford owner’s hand to just sell the franchise.

  2. Rf9

    Another brilliant move by a loop that keeps shooting itself in the foot aka the Greys

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