Dothan (AL) Planning Ballpark Feasibility Study

Minor League Baseball LogoDothan (AL), a city of 68,000 about 15 miles north of the Florida Panhandle, plans to initiate a $50,000 feasibility study to determine the viability of building a new ballpark and bringing a minor league team to town.  The local chamber and visitors bureau are partnering to hire Conventions, Sports and Leisure International (CSL) to handle the project.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Dothan (AL) Planning Ballpark Feasibility Study

  1. Rf9

    Maybe the sal which Albany was a part of

  2. Edward

    I don’t want to do their feasibility study for them but here I go. The only affiliated league Dothan fits geographically is the Southern League and it’s too small a market for AA ball. It’s market size might fit low-A or Rookie ball but it’s too far away for either the Sally or Appy league. That leaves indy ball or summer college and currently there aren’t any such leagues in the region. In fact the region is rife with abandoned baseball markets – Huntsville, Columbus, Macon, Albany and soon Savannah. Unless there’s some new league in the works I’d have to conclude it’ll be very difficult to find a tenant for a new ballpark.

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