A Rocky Road for Start-Up Watertown Bucks

Watertown Bucks LogoThree weeks into the season, Watertown Daily News sportswriter Chris Fitzgerald takes a look at the first-year Watertown Bucks and rookie General Manager Matt McClusky, as the franchise tries to survive the early collapse of the start-up East Coast Baseball League in the desperately formed, four-team (including one travel club) North Country Baseball League.  Read more here.

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One response to “A Rocky Road for Start-Up Watertown Bucks

  1. Tenaciouspuma

    I find this interesting. A man who is successful in business seems to have forgot about what makes business successful. It appears he hires a non baseball person and now they are disappointed that things aren’t better? This isn’t the field of dreams…if you put together a ragtag league in failing markets they will come lol. What a disastrous article

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