Glacier Outlaws Players Prepare to Go Home

Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League LogoJust two weeks into the season, Glacier Outlaws players were told Tuesday to get ready to go home as the start-up Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League collapses.  Read more here.


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13 responses to “Glacier Outlaws Players Prepare to Go Home

  1. tenaciouspuma

    Well, the players can head on over the now defunct ECBL/ what ever it is now league. Watertown is holding player tryouts for a cool $75 per player because some guys already left. Unreal

    • D

      How do you know players left?

      • Big D

        From the Glacier Outlaws Facebook page:

        With a lot of sadness, we have to announce that the Glacier Outlaws baseball season has come to an end. We did everything we could to make it work during very difficult times and want you all to know we had the best of intentions here in Whitefish. These players LOVED the community, the program, and staff. We want to thank everyone who supported us, the volunteers, the Glacier Twins, Jesse and Angie – Team Chiropractors, Carl Christiansen – Announcer, and Kyle Helbing – Statistician. There are so many others that don’t go unnoticed. Bob, Lindsay, and I THANK YOU. Last, we need to thank the players and coaches who never gave up and stayed until there was no chance to go on. A strong bond was developed in the month you all were here and for that, we should all be thankful. You all have bright futures ahead of you and don’t forget, you have a bunch of fans in Montana cheering you on. God speed… – Erin

      • tenaciouspuma

        Open tryout on the twitter feed….$75 to try out to be a pro baseball player LOL

  2. Big D

    The Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League Facebook and pointstreak pages have been deleted.

    • ballparkbiz

      And that’s a wrap.


    • Bruce B

      Great way for players and management for the six teams to learn the dream is dead, although I have no doubt they already knew. Sad to see.

      The lack of due diligence was suicidal to begin with but it’s the deceit that kept popping up along the trail that’s going to salt the earth in MRPBL towns for baseball in the future. Support your local Legion baseball program, folks.

    • ballparkbiz

      Read the comment below the article from Racheal Lebon. This is exactly what we feared. Once again, a trail destruction left by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, was fully warned, and wouldn’t listen to reality. Despite the fact that Olympic Stadium is not located in a professional market, the market is nevertheless polluted for the immediate future, thanks to this mess. If you are a business in town and put up money to sponsor/advertise, provide goods or services, etc., are you going to step up the plate the next time? No way.

      Listen, I love passion, but passion with an unwillingness to learn from those in the know is a recipe for disaster. This has happened time and time again since 1993 when the modern independent leagues were launched. Amazingly, there are still people out there who I know who still don’t want to listen, even after I have offered (FREE) constructive advice again and again. I know one person who wants nothing more than to own and coach his own team (a baseball guy) who has no interest in learning the business but has been working (unsuccessfully) the last few years to start a new league, just so he can accomplish his own selfish desires.


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