It’s the ‘Portland Pickles’

Portland Pickles LogoPRESS RELEASE – “We want to stand out from the crowd and keep Portland weird,” said Rose City Baseball President and CEO Ken Wilson, in revealing that Portland’s baseball team will be known as the Pickles. “We’re all about fun and we’re all going to have lots of fun with the name Pickles.”

The name was revealed today in front of nearly 100 fifth-grade students at Woodstock Elementary School in East Portland. A Name Your Team Contest, presented by Pamplin Media, was held to select the nickname. Pickles was selected from a list that also included Red Dogs, Pliers, Mud Hounds, Pixels and Posse.

Portland Pickles Logo

Emily Doerr, of the Alberta neighborhood in East Portland, was the grand prize winner in the contest and receives four season tickets for the 2016 season. Emily was randomly drawn for the prize. “My friends and I are so excited that baseball is back in Portland,” said Emily. “We’re ready to have fun and I can’t believe I won the tickets.”

The Pickles plan to introduce official team logos in a few months. The introduction of team uniforms will follow. Season tickets go on sale later this year.

The Pickles begin play in June, 2016 in the Great West League, a summer wood-bat league made up of the top college players in North America.

The Pickles – The Pickles, a professional-style team, work the year around to make the fan experience at a Pickles’ game the most exciting and rewarding experience available in the Portland area. Having fun is what the experience is all about. The fan comes first. It’s affordable family entertainment, with something for all ages. The Pickles care about the community and giving back is more than a slogan. The Pickles provide numerous avenues to see that those who need help can look to the Pickles to lend a hand. The team belongs to the people of Portland and it’s up to the team to earn the support of the people. Play Ball!


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14 responses to “It’s the ‘Portland Pickles’

  1. benny frank

    Don’t forget that there is professional baseball coming THIS YEAR to the East Side in Oregon City. The Mud Turtles will be playing a 68 game season at Clackamas Community College starting on May 21st. Their roster has plenty of former affiliated minor league players on their team. Check them out,


    Is this a joke? Pickles?? How embarrassing to wear that uniform. Hard to be proud of a JOKE…. Great name choice Portland Pickel owners…. I see why the 5th graders unveiled it. Adults would have sat stunned at this stupidity.

  3. George Bafus

    Is that a pickle in your pocket, or do you just want to “play ball?”

  4. Pickles!?!?!? This is a horrible name for a baseball team!

  5. Been Around

    Certainly generating some talk, which is likely the point of the name.

  6. I LOVE the name and I’m a grown man. This is a name that you can really work with to do all sorts of crazy things at the ballpark and around the community. I hope they hire Studio Simon to do the logos and take it to the next level. And I think there is plenty of room for both the Hops and the Pickles in the Portland area.

  7. Paula

    I love baseball, but I feel sorry for the college players who have to deal with this ridiculous name and have to wear uniforms with a pickle on them. Very poorly done this time Portland.

  8. michelle

    PICKLES?! You’ve got to be kidding me! What were they thinking? that name has nothing to do with keeping portland weird. They just don’t get what “weird” stands for.

  9. marcii

    i think it was smart that they revealed the name in front of nearly 100 fifth-grade students rather than adults, for if they would have they probably would have been met with blank stares, hisses and booo’s. how embarrassing.

  10. Matt C.

    So, it isn’t affiliated with MLB at all? Not a minor league team, but more of a developmental league team? I’m all for having more baseball in the PDX area, but I hope the HOPS start getting some local recognition/appreciation.

    • Same here. Go Hops!

      And Pickles!

    • ballparkbiz


      It’s summer collegiate, like the West Coast League, Cape Cod, Northwoods and Coastal plain. College players who want to develop and showcase their skills during the summer playing against the highest level of competition as a non-paid athlete in order to maintain their college eligibility.


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