New Life for San Angelo Colts?

San Angelo Colts LogoThe San Angelo Colts (Indy Pro, United Baseball League) appear to have new life, after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Barbara J. Houser approved a third amended version of a Chapter 11 reorganization plan on March 10.  Records also indicate that team and Angelo State University have agreed to enter into a new 15-year Stadium Use Agreement for the use of Foster Field starting at $4,166.66 per month plus utilities, with the first payment due by May 1, 2015.  Read our previous analysis here.


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3 responses to “New Life for San Angelo Colts?

  1. Indy V

    Zombie United League

  2. Been Around

    Who would these guys play, at least in 2015? The AA is the obvious choice but the AA’s 2015 schedule has been finalized for a long time. Fifty grand plus utilities seems a lot to pay for 2015 when there’s nobody for your team to play against.

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