Colts, United League Still Not Toast

San Angelo Colts LogoThe owners of the indy pro San Angelo Colts (United League) are still fighting to keep the team alive as they continue to pursue a reorganization plan in bankruptcy.  To protect their interests, a number of debt holders have filed objections.  A hearing on the confirmation of the debtor’s plan is scheduled for March 4.  As you recall, the bankruptcy trustee would like to convert the Chapter 11 reorganization the team’s owners filed in July to a Chapter 7 liquidation.

What does this mean for the Colts and the United League?  Even if a reorganization plan is approved as early as March 4, it would be extremely difficult to revive the 2015 season, particularly with the Fort Worth Cats in limbo without a home and the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings shut down, if only temporarily.  However, our prediction is that if a reorganization plan is approved for the Colts, we will see the United League or some other league incarnation in 2015.  In fact, any final reorganization plan approved by the court would likely contemplate 2015 operations in order to generate revenues to pay debts owed.

What would a 2015 United League look like?  We could envision seeing four teams operating out of San Angelo and Harlingen.  We also wouldn’t be surprised if John Bryant and Byron Pierce are not already looking ahead in anticipation of approval of the Colts’ reorganization plan by trying to woo other markets as we speak, even if those markets have no business hosting “professional” baseball.

Will the Bryant and Pierce show go on?  More to come.


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3 responses to “Colts, United League Still Not Toast

  1. Im always amazed how they keep landing on their feet. They are just like a Freddie Kruger Friday 13th horror flick. Repeats and sequels.

  2. Indy V

    It’s like a cockroach and a Twinkie mated.

  3. in the know

    They just won’t go away…. EVER

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