Miners Unveil Logos, Launch Website

Sussex County MinersThe indy pro Sussex County Miners (Can-Am League) have released their official logos for their inaugural 2015 season.  The team has also launched a new website at SussexCountyMiners.com.  Thanks to John Cerone for the heads up.

Sussex County Miners Officials Logos


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2 responses to “Miners Unveil Logos, Launch Website

  1. Been Around

    I always thought the problem with the Newark Bears was that they were in Newark. Who in their right mind is going to head to downtown Newark at night to see an independent league baseball game? It was, at one point, a pretty nice ballpark but again, it was in Newark. People commute home through Newark to get out to the burbs but they sure weren’t going to turn around and come back for games. Of course the constant mismanagement we’ve all read about the past few years didn’t help but I don’t know who could have gone in there and persuaded people to visit downtown Newark at night.

  2. FRED

    I hope baseball makes it in Sussex this time around. I’m looking forward to seeing the ballpark.

    I bought one of the family four packs they were offering on Black Friday.

    The owners of the team should take a look and see what was done with the Newark Bears during their time in the Can Am league- then proceed to do the opposite.

    The owners own both ballpark and team- no leases to worry about. That should help.

    I’m looking to go when they play Ottawa. Hopefully Hal Lanier will sign some cards for me.

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