Uncertainty Remains for Bringhurst Field, Mayor Takes Shot at United League

Aces LogoAlexandria (LA) officials are trying to figure out what to do with Bringhurst Field, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry because there’s no easy solution and there’s no community agreement on it.  As you recall, the historic ballpark was partially condemned in 2012 because of structural concerns, and a fire destroyed the clubhouse in December.  Read more here.  As a United League side note, below from the story confirms our assessment of the Bryant and Pierce show as it relates to Alexandria:

Bringhurst Field has been home to several incarnations of the Alexandria Aces baseball team. The most recent Aces team played there in 2013 in the United League, but its season was abruptly cut short midway through the season as attendance dwindled. League officials blamed low attendance, saying the public would not attend games at Bringhurst “in its current condition,” which included parts of it being blocked off for safety reasons.

Before that season, [Mayor Jacques] Roy said, “when they sold it to the council members standing here and they sold it to us, we said, ‘Don’t get into this if it needs to be fixed and all first,’ and they begged the City Council and begged all of us and said, ‘You don’t need to put a penny into it right now. We’ll make this season happen and then get there.’

“… The owners who dropped out on the city … tried to quickly put it back on the city as though the state of Bringhurst was unknown to them at the time.”

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