United League Ceases Operations

United League LogoIn not-so-surprising news, the indy pro United League has called it quits.  Read more here.


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9 responses to “United League Ceases Operations

  1. ballparkbiz

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. The Bryant/Pierce era is likely not over. In fact, I know they are still fighting to keep the Bankruptcy Trustee from converting their Ch. 11 reorganization filing to a Ch. 7 liquidation. An amended reorganization plan has been filed, and another hearing is scheduled for Feb. 12. If they survive this, don’t be surprised to see the ULB back in action or a new league formed that would keep them in business.


    • ballparkbiz

      And interesting, on page 6 of the San Angelo Colts Baseball Club, LLC’s Amended Disclosure Statement dated Jan. 8, 2015, the “Debtor” claims it has remained in operation and will begin promoting the 2015 season in February. It is also stated that selling the naming rights to the ballpark will be used to satisfy a creditor.


  2. tenaciouspuma

    Indy ball just doesn’t work in most cases anymore. Let’s hope some of these stadiums find solid tenants.

    • eastfirst107

      “Indy ball just doesn’t work in most cases anymore” – wrong. There are 35-40 solid operations in the AA/Can-Am/Atlantic/Frontier, and the number of teams in those leagues has held steady for a decade now.

      You can’t ignore that fact, just because a few crappy, clueless wannabes grab an undeserved share of the headlines with their missteps and shadiness.

      • tenaciouspuma

        Notice I said Eastman, most. U r right, there are great examples of working Indy leagues. It just seems to be capped at those right now. Start up leagues trying to bandaid their operations are no working. We are on the same page.

      • Indy V

        I agree in general with your sentiment, EF107. But while the Atlantic League doesn’t really have any more weak sisters, those were largely shed to the Can-Am, which may have been part of the weakening of that brand. A good chunk of the Frontier League, including some of the power teams, suffered some fairly significant attendance losses. I think a quarter of that league is now pulling less than 2,000 a game. Even the A-A has one or two markets that aren’t doing so hot. But on a leaguewide basis, those are certainly the four stable leagues.

  3. I wonder what is next for these ballparks. San Angelo was once successful and Harlingen isn’t a bad ballpark and having worked there long ago, it has some potential. Edinburg Stadium is nice. Could the Texas Collegiate League come to town? It would probably be the best fit for these ballparks at this point.

    • ballparkbiz

      Edinburg would be a challenge, simply because it is now part of the UT system. There are rules that present obstacles.


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