A Telus Field Revival?

Edmonton Telus Field LogoTelus Field in Edmonton (AB) could become the center of a baseball stadium district that spurs Rossdale redevelopment similar to the impact of Rogers Place on downtown, a new report says.  Read more here.  The stadium is the former home of the Triple-A Edmonton Trappers (Pacific Coast League) and indy pro Edmonton  Cracker-Cats/Capitals (Northern League/Golden Baseball League/North American League).  The summer collegiate Edmonton Prospects (Western Major Baseball League) currently make Telus their home.


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2 responses to “A Telus Field Revival?

  1. Indy V

    The Canadian League was attempted and failed a half season in 12 years ago. I don’t see what has changed, other than 12 years of weathering on existing facilities. The biggest problem with an all-Canadian independent league is the space between cities with suitable stadiums and the population to fill them and provide corporate support. All the good ones are already taken by AA/CAL, with the exception of the affiliated team in Vancouver. I don’t mean to be the wet blanket, but I don’t see a league functioning with St. Catherines, London, Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton.

  2. Dean

    Looks like a nice stadium it’s just to bad Edmonton is so far away from existing professional leagues. The only pro baseball options I can see are Triple-A, Short Season Single-A, American Association and/or a Canadian independent baseball league… The latter two seem more realistic. The American Association could do to Edmonton what the Atlantic League has done with Sugar Land and have a lone team geographically on it’s own until other franchise opportunities arise around it. I mean Calgary used to be home to a triple-A franchise and what about that city north of Edmonton.. Fort McMurray, I thought they were building a baseball stadium? A western Canadian division in the American Association of 3-4 teams or a Canadian league with 3-4 teams in the west/east. The east already has Quebec City, Trois Rivieres, & now Ottawa.

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