Pecos League Relocates Blizzard to Kansas, Returns to Las Cruces, Ditches Four Other Markets

Pecos League LogoThe Pecos League has added the Garden City Wind and Las Cruces Vaqueros to the league lineup for the 2015 season.  The Wind will play at Clint Lightner Field in Garden City (KS).  After a two-year hiatus, the Vaqueros will return to play at Apodoca Park in Las Cruces (NM).  The Taos Blizzard, Raton Osos, Douglas Diablos and Bisbee Blue are no longer part of the circuit. Read about Garden City here.  Read about “the last straw” in Taos here.

For those interested in numbers, Pecos League Commissioner Andrew Dunn reportedly told the Garden City newspaper that most teams in the league have an average budget of between $160,000 and $240,000 per season, and players are paid between $300 and $500 per month.

Okay, we’re going to keep this very elementary, but let’s assume each team in the league has 36 home games on the schedule (which is more than any team but the Santa Fe Fuego played last year, unless the home-away schedules were unbalanced).  At 300 fans per game at $5 a head, that’s $54,000.  Add in a generous concessions per cap of $5, and that’s another $54,000.  Now add 30 outfield signs at $1,000 a pop for a total of $30,000, and we are at a grand total of $138,000.  Yes, we know budgets are a lot more complicated than this, but if our revenue guesstimates for top revenue items are anywhere close to Pecos League realities, we have to wonder about the budget numbers given.  Even the sale of popular Roswell Invaders gear couldn’t make up the difference across the league.

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One response to “Pecos League Relocates Blizzard to Kansas, Returns to Las Cruces, Ditches Four Other Markets

  1. Steve

    More horrible logos for the Pecos League. Does the owner of the league use his 1997 Gateway’s version of MS Paint to create all of the logos and websites?

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