Council Nixes Deal Struck by Mayor, Rays

Tampa Bay Rays LogoThe future of the Tampa Bay Rays in the area seems more uncertain than ever after the St. Petersburg City Council on Thursday rejected a deal to let the team explore new stadium sites in the region.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Council Nixes Deal Struck by Mayor, Rays

  1. Indy V

    Prophet, while I agree with your overall opinion that Heaven’s Waiting Room may not be long for MLB, I think Havana has long been a pipe dream for people, myself included, once Fidel kicks the bucket. Assuming Communism is on its way out of Cuba, and that is by no means certain, look at the immediate post-Communist history of Russia. The early-to-mid ’90s were a very difficult transition period for Yeltsin’s nation. With Cuba’s much lesser resources, an immediate influx of foreign money is very unlikely. Remember, Canada, as well as most of Western Europe, has fairly normal relations with Cuba, and it is still as poor as a 50th-round pick.

    • The Prophet

      OK, say maybe not Havana. So if the Rays leave the Tampa market, where do you think they would go? I’ve heard Montreal mentioned. Has anything changed there since the Expos left that would make it work now? What other cities might be in line for a major league team?

  2. The Prophet

    Does anyone think the Rays will stay in Tampa through their lease (2027)?

    I didn’t think so. Assuming the franchise will stay in the American League East, what are your thoughts regarding the next city to have Major League Baseball? How about Havana?

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