Chase Hired as GM for New Skylands Stadium Team

Can-Am League LogoAl Dorso Jr., who bought Skylands Stadium and will own a new franchise in the indy pro Can-Am League, has hired former minor league and Baseball America executive Dave Chase as his team’s general manager.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the heads up.


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5 responses to “Chase Hired as GM for New Skylands Stadium Team

  1. FRED

    Thanks for the info Brian.

    Go miners!

  2. FRED

    Thanks for the info Brian

    I purchased one of the family four packs.

    The season ticket package comes out to less than $10 per ticket for a full season.

    Let’s go Miners!

  3. Fred, the new team name was announced this morning – Sussex County Miners. Wisely they are using the “Sussex County” name as not to be confused with the town of Sussex, NJ.

    The new ballpark owner (who also owns the team) seems to be doing a fantastic job of marketing the events that have been held at the ballpark so far. So I’m hopeful that the baseball team will be well marketed as well.

  4. FRED

    Does anyone know the nickname of the team yet? Will it be called Sussex like it was during the Skyhawks era or NJ during the Cardinals era?

    Hopefully they can hire one or two coaches that have MLB experience. They also have to do a good job marketing the team to get people in the ballpark.

    To the management of the new Sussex team- do some research and check out what the owners did with the Newark Bears- then do the OPPOSITE!

    Good luck to the new franchise!

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