Start-Up ECBL Unveils Team Logos

East Coast Baseball LeagueThe start-up East Coast Baseball League has unveiled logos for the circuit’s first three announced franchises, including the Niagara Wild, Newburgh Newts, and Waterloo Whiskey Jacks.  Thanks to John Cerone for forwarding the logos.

ECBL Logos


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9 responses to “Start-Up ECBL Unveils Team Logos

  1. tenaciouspuma

    Brian, I agree somewhat, but, most baseball fans see through what affiliated pro baseball is and what independent pro baseball is. It seems the indy’s are always struggling, failing, and it’s because they just don’t have a brand. U may have convinced my that maybe it should be in there, I went to a Peco’s league game last year…the Texas Collegiate games were much better with pro. talent. I played indy ball, had fun. Wish I could have played in the Cape or one of those leagues instead.

  2. tenaciouspuma

    I am not a fan of the “pro baseball” in each logo. Let’s face it, baseball people know the difference between affiliated and indy/semi-pro. It almost seems like they are defending the product already…a catchy logo and a well ran league with good players will draw…regardless of the level. Interesting.

    • With the huge proliferation of collegiate summer league teams (which are not pro), I actually think it is important for a start-up league like the ECBL to make that distinction in their logo. If this was a well established league, then I would agree that “pro baseball” is not needed in the logo.

  3. colin Cummins

    Brandon…thanks for your candid remarks. I think we need to revamp this logo. I will look into it and come back with a stronger one.

  4. Completely agree, especially when you are spending the kind of money that baseball requires of a start up.

    I say that and get on my high horse, but on the other hand I just founded a semi-pro indoor soccer team and I designed the logo. I wish I had the money to have a Studio Simon logo but we are on an extreme shoestring budget so it’s just wasn’t possible.

    • ballparkbiz

      Well, if you are doing it, do you really need Studio Simon? :-) Maybe you’ll knock them dead at the gate, and you can upgrade down the road.


  5. Ugh. The Whiskey Jacks one is really disappointing considering my odd affinity for the old Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks.

    • ballparkbiz

      For reference:

      I always loved the TBWJ’s name and was hoping one day “Whiskey Jacks” would be revived, but I am not a fan of the cartoon logo.

      Don’t get me started on a branding discussion, because I could go on a long diatribe about how important it is and how much time and money leagues and teams need to spend to do it right. Let’s just say I am a huge fan of Studio Simon.


      • texas10

        Alan what you have said is so true. It starts with a catchy/original team name. The integrity of the logo needs to reflect that it is professional baseball and it needs to be marketable. Logo design is not an area to save a few dollars. There are a handful of design firms that produce good identities, but I would agree that no one does it better than Studio Simon.

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