Cheeseburger Restaurateur Interested in Watertown (UPDATED)

East Coast Baseball LeagueBruce Zicari, founder and CEO of a chain of family restaurants, Cheeseburger Cheeseburger based in Naples (FL) and located in 16 states, has expressed interest in bringing a team to Watertown (NY) as a member of the start-up East Coast Baseball League.  A franchise from the ECBL, PGCBL or NYCBL could replace the departed Watertown Rams at Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds.  Read more here.  UPDATE: Watertown picks ECBL.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Cheeseburger Restaurateur Interested in Watertown (UPDATED)

  1. Greg Dennis

    Texas10, I have a son trying out for the ECBL. I would like to know where you got that source from? The ECBL has never had that typo on their site and they have not changed it. I have it copied. So either you changed the wording to suit you or someone else did. That’s BS either way.

  2. Well…If i’m gonna take a beating from afar, i might as well come in and see what its all about. I’m not afraid to man up and say there are no guarantees in baseball. There are no guarantees that baseball will last in cities and communities. Especially in the Indy market. But at least we are trying. I HATE to fail, but you fail more times than you succeed. I can’t stop you guys from hating on me, my league or just wishing that i don’t succeed. Just know this, I won’t stop and i will succeed! We currently have 3 great markets with others to come. We are awaiting councils to answer us on other markets. Yet, we are still moving along like we should be.
    We will make it work. We will create new friends and new ties. We will have our same enemies and dis-provers. Thats Kewl! I will answer for myself and my league. You guys know where i am. BTW, Thanks Greg!

  3. Greg Dennis

    so what if they have adapted the Frontier League guidelines. What does that hurt them? good to know that there are “haters” out there. If players are getting a chance to play ball, then let try! There are a ton of players who are good enough to play pro ball. but can’t make a frontier league, the CanAm, Atlantic or Whatever team because of demotions, releases or not enough room on the roster. Who are you to say that if another league wanted to try and offer a place to develop your skills and open the doors to new or old communities that they cant make it. You try and build a league…or have you already and failed. These guys deserve a shot just like everyone else. you guys are just sad. Come at me i don’t care. They deserve a shot.

    • texas10

      Greg, I don’t think anyone is a “hater” here. It is just that the history and stability of start up leagues is not very good in recent years. When it goes bad, it gives a black eye to independent baseball. If the ECBL is successful (and I hope they are), I will be the first one to tip my cap to them.

  4. tenaciouspuma

    The ole ECBL…will never throw one pitch. I have a hard time rooting against anyone trying to start a baseball league, but, this whole thing has no chance. I hope they don’t ruin the markets they are trying to “acquire.”

  5. texas10

    It is obvious that the ECBL “borrowed” the Frontier League guidelines for player classifications (with some age modifications) although they forgot to take out the mention of the Frontier League in the third line of this paragraph.

    21-year old exemption: Any player who is twenty-one (21) years of age or younger on or after January 1st of any season and is entering his first year in the Frontier League, regardless of any prior professional baseball experience, will be considered no higher than a Rookie-2 by East Coast Baseball League Rules. For the 2015 season, a birthdate of January 1, 1993 will be the cutoff to qualify under this provision

    • The Prophet

      Oops! This might be a little embarrassing, but since the day that God handed the rules of base ball (sic on God) to Abner Doubleday (on golden tablets that only he could read), there’s really not been too much new under the sun, or the lights.

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