It’s the ‘Amarillo ThunderHeads’

Amarillo ThunderHeads LogoPRESS RELEASE – After public input and careful research, Amarillo Pro baseball management has opted to change the name of the team to The Amarillo ThunderHeads.

Amarillo ThunderHeads Unveiling

There were some great submissions from the fans,” said ThunderHeads Executive VP and General Manager Stephanie Tucker. “The bottom line is time was more of a factor than we had anticipated.” Tucker explains the league in which the ThunderHeads compete, the American Association of Professional Baseball, was calling for all art so as toallow the other teams and the league itself to create season schedules and other materials related to the 2015 season. “We had to expedite things to allow us to decide on a name, design, vet and copyright the name and logo,” said Tucker. Public comments on social media sites like Facebook also suggested the majority of Sox fans wanted to get away from the brown and gold color scheme.

In choosing the name Amarillo ThunderHeads,Tucker says fans have a name and a team that is uniquely theirs. “Baseball is a Spring and Summer sport. Our most impactful weather occurs in those seasons, including large, powerful thunderheads.” She added the new team colors – red, blue and gold – were chosen to honor the teams that have graced Potter County Memorial Stadium in years past including the Amarillo Gold Sox, Amarillo Dillas and Amarillo Sox. “It’s important to us that we honor our amazing baseball history while we prepare to write our own chapter,” said Tucker.

The new logo was revealed at a press conference today at 3:45pm at the offices of the Amarillo CVC, 1000 South Polk, Amarillo, TX.

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Read more here from the Amarillo Globe-News.  Watch video here from AGN TV.


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4 responses to “It’s the ‘Amarillo ThunderHeads’

  1. Mark

    Hopefully they do a “New Hampshire Primaries” and ditch the name.

  2. I don’t know if I would call it a huge downgrade – the Sox stuff wasn’t exactly great – but the new logo is a mess.

    Not a surprise that just a short time after an indoor football team owner took over as GM of a baseball team that they change their logo to something that is probably more suited to indoor football.

  3. AZdev

    Hugh Downgrade. I don’t like the name or the logo at all

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