Hartford Ballpark Opponent Files Lawsuit

New Britain Rock Cats LogoAttorney and political activist Ken Krayeske, an outspoken critic of Hartford’s (CT) stadium plan, has filed suit in state court saying the city didn’t give proper notice of a recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting about the stadium.  Read more here.

Hartford Ballpark Rendering 1


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2 responses to “Hartford Ballpark Opponent Files Lawsuit

  1. ballparkbiz

    I get the need for proper process here, but this lawsuit is not being driven by process. It’s being driven by opposition to the project. This will do nothing more than delay the inevitable and drive up costs. If indeed the city only gave nine days notice instead of 10, that’s improper. But, at this point in the game, proponents and opponents are paying very close attention to what is going on. From a practical standpoint, there is no way one day made a difference in who did and didn’t show up at the meeting.


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