Three Leagues Interested in Watertown Ballpark

Watertown Rams LogoThree baseball leagues have expressed interest in bringing a team to the city that would replace the summer collegiate Watertown Rams (Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League) at Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds, including the Perfect Game, New York Collegiate Baseball League, and start-up East Coast Baseball League.  Last month, the city severed ties with the Rams over several issues.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Three Leagues Interested in Watertown Ballpark

  1. tenaciouspuma

    Watertown is just continuing to struggle with baseball. Over the past decade, it seems no matter who is there can’t satisfy the powers that be. Geographically, it’s not a great spot really for any league. The facility is the original, I was there last year and the PA system and scoreboard had issues. Reading the article, the startup ECBL seems to have their attention. They just don’t seem to have an idea up there in regards to baseball.

  2. eastfirst107

    Watertown’s another 4 1/2 hours on the other side of Jamestown, which was a stretch geographically on its own…can’t imagine that the Prospect League would be interested in extending itself that far.

  3. The Prophet

    I’m sure the Prospect League would love to have a franchise there too. Makes perfect sense for their strategic plan.

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