Future for LaGrave Field Unclear

Ft. Worth Cats LogoThe indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) have been ejected from LaGrave Field, and the team name will reportedly stay in town, but the actual future of the ballpark remains unclear.  It could be leveled, if a team owner or league doesn’t step up to the plate to lease (or maybe even buy?) the facility.  We have to believe the indy pro American Association and/or Atlantic League are taking a close look at the situation.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Future for LaGrave Field Unclear

  1. T. Dennelly

    Is that Peter Kirk measuring for drapes????

  2. Shauna

    The ballpark was built in 2002! Why would you want to knock it down so soon?

  3. The Prophet

    Ceci est une situation (de la) grave.

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