It’s Official: Skylands Stadium Announces Official Return of Baseball in Spring 2015

Can-Am League LogoPRESS RELEASE – Skylands Stadium today announced that professional baseball will officially return to the stadium this Spring 2015. The still-to-be-named team will join the newly invigorated Can-Am Association of Professional Baseball. In its inaugural season, the new Skylands team will play 55 home games starting mid-May through Labor Day, plus playoff games at the recently renovated Augusta stadium.

In the Can-Am League, the new team will join the NJ Jackals of Little Falls, NJ; the Rockland Boulders of Pomona, NY; the Champions of Ottawa; the Les Capitales of Québec; the Aigles of Trois-Rivières; plus the Can-Am Grays, a travel team based in Maine. In addition to Can-Am League play, there will also be inter-league play with the American Association of Baseball.

The stadium is encouraging all members of the community to visit its Facebook page, “Skylands Stadium,” to make suggestions for a team name and mascot, as well as for entertainment and attractions they would like to see at games. Tickets for the 2015 season will go on sale on Black Friday, Nov. 28, at, including season tickets and special family deals.

“With this new Can-Am team, we are dedicated to delivering a high caliber of baseball for the entire community to enjoy. At Skylands Stadium, fans can indulge in great baseball, food and drinks in major-league caliber facilities – all at minor league prices,” said Al Dorso Sr., president of Skylands Stadium. “Our field is in top condition, our concession stand is fully stocked and our comfort facilities are spotless. We look forward to welcoming fans, and sponsors, to our very own New Jersey field of dreams.”

Built in 1994, Skylands Stadium is located in the heart of rural Sussex County in Frankford Township, (Augusta) New Jersey. Skylands Stadium LLC Management purchased the stadium in 2013, including the 4,200-seat ballpark, a 16,000-square foot all-purpose building and the surrounding 28 acres.

The Stadium has upgraded all concessions, restroom facilities and seating areas, as well as the playing field, club house and locker rooms. A new 5,000-square foot pavilion has been erected down the first base line. A special box has been designated for members of the media.

An 18,000-square foot exhibit hall will be completed this winter, and an in-house catering facility will be open for business by spring 2015. For more information about Skylands Stadium LLC Management, or to become an official sponsor or advertiser, contact Al Dorso Sr. at (973) 450-1073.Visit

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7 responses to “It’s Official: Skylands Stadium Announces Official Return of Baseball in Spring 2015

  1. Indy V

    Here is a thought. Typically, when a league operates with an uneven amount of teams (Appalachian 1996 or Tex-La 1998), either one team is off each day, one team plays two different opponents the same day (Appalachian approach utilized elements of both) or one team is shut down for an entire “non-series” (Tex-La). Given the geography of the Can-Am, the former approach is possible but difficult. Using the latter approach might make it somewhat easier for cross-continent travel. Instead of traveling a full day, then playing on the second day, there is a little bit more padding on the schedule. For that to work, though, the schedule would have to be extended at least a couple of weeks to accommodate the same number of games per team as in 2014.

    • Dean

      To confusing… The American Association & Can-Am League staff have it all figured out. As for inter league I actually think that the owners like it, after all they’re the ones footing the bill. Remember the owners a smart business people, with other ventures to make money not just an independent team.

  2. JohnU, check the CanAm League site for their press release. Interleague play with the AA sounds like it is definitely a go as they indicate there will be 100 games between the two leagues. I doubt they would include something like that in their press release if it wasn’t a sure bet to happen. No reason to criticize the Skylands Stadium press release for just echoing what the league press release stated.

    • JohnU

      The issue is that there is an unanswered question and the source of the answer ought to be the league, not us bloggers. If the AA has 13 teams and the Can Am has 6, it’s clear that something isn’t going to work. This isn’t about criticizing the release, it’s about the release not answering an obvious question.
      If they can’t answer that question, the best way is to say that there are unanswered questions about how interleague play is going to work with 19 teams. Don’t you care to know that?
      Just say …. the AA has an uneven number of teams and if they think interleague is going to happen, they need another team.

      • eastfirst107

        Uhh…really not sure what you’re whining about here, homeboy. Both the league release and the Sussex release say the Can-Am will have 6 + a road team.
        7 Can-Am + 13 AA = 20 teams. Interleague’s back. Boom. Done. Move on.

      • ballparkbiz

        Yep, just delayed in posting the press release because of travel.


  3. JohnU

    I realize it’s a press release but the idea that there will continue to be interleague play is at best a bizarre comment. There currently are 13 teams in the AA. If the AA adds a team, the need for interleague is reduced to the reality that it has already been “penciled in” …
    I realize you can’t speculate on any of this but for the CanAm to release something that clearly begs for a better answer is rather amusing.

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