Fort Worth Cats Booted from LaGrave Field

Ft. Worth Cats LogoThe indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) have been asked to move out of LaGrave Field, owner John Bryant confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.  Bryant said the Cats intend to play the 2015 season and are hopeful to find a new home in the Fort Worth area. However, he acknowledged they might have to relocate to a different city in North Texas.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “Fort Worth Cats Booted from LaGrave Field

  1. Jim

    This ownership group has been bad news for two decades. Scorched earth and empty pockets left behind in every city. Six-digits in debt I know. LaGrave was the only draw left for the team, and even that needs serious repairs. Maybe the franchise can be resurrected by a different group down the road, but as far as Fort Worth is concerned, this team is dead. Mainly because of these owners.

  2. Dave

    It’s my understanding that the FTW Cats are NOT in “fine” financial shape. They were evicted because they defaulted on lease payments to the group that owns LaGrave and the surrounding stadium property. The ULB is flat broke and don’t let the smoken’mirror routine by ownership fool you. Any city looking to bring in an Independent baseball team would better served not to consider any team or individual associated with the United League. If you try to defy history and get into bed with these guys then don’t be surprised of the aftermath you’ll be left to clean up. Do your homework!

  3. Indy V

    Leave it empty for a year to renovate and launch for ’16?

  4. TD

    Sometimes random events aren’t that random. Maybe the owner and city have been approached by the Atlantic League. Who would you chose as your tenant? A team from the United League in its financial distress or ODP/Boulton who pays their bills? The AL President Rick White mentioned the D/FT. W area as a focus of expansion in a recent Barnstormer piece.

  5. Agreed, Fort Worth is exactly the type of market that the Atlantic League desires. Though they have said in the past that LaGrave would need to be rebuilt before the AL could play there. It is lacking luxury boxes and sufficient concession stands. Also, not sure what the clubhouses or offices are like. So yes, would need some major work before the AL moves in.

  6. Dean

    Without a doubt I think this paves the way for the Atlantic League to continue further expansion into Texas. The city of Fort Worth fits the Atlantic League landscape and LaGrave Field is adequate enough but would definitely see upgrades especially if the Fort Worth franchise wasn’t to launch until 2016. As for an owner I could totally see Opening Day Partners coming into Fort Worth and running the show. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t ODP just sell their stake in the Sugar Land Skeeters?

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